These specialised pangolin boxes are used to comfortably hold and transport pangolins that have been recovered from poachers and get them safely to veterinary health checks, treatment and rehabilitation as well as moving them to their release sights. Even though they my not look it, these are very important pieces of equipment. The wooden walls have to be thick enough, that the pangolin can't break through. (Their claws are built for digging through ground as hard as cement). They must also be spacious enough that the pangolin can move freely for its comfort and provide the right amount of ventilation as well as shelter.

A box like this one costs R1400 (£70) and as you can imagine, the maintenance to keep it safe and strong for a rescued pangolin is also ongoing, so in support of our partnered pangolin rehabilitation centre we are looking for pangolin box sponsors so that we can help provide them with the equipment they need to care for these vulnerable animals

In return for your generosity, you can name your box and we will also send you regular updates on any pangolins who take a ride inside


Sponsorship Option 2

The sooner a rescued pangolin can get back to their normal routine of foraging for food and sleeping in their natural habitat without human interference the better it is for their full recovery. So once a pangolin is feeding well and strong enough, the next phase of its rehabilitation is called a "Soft Release"

A Soft Release is when a pangolin is released in an undisclosed safe area with tracking devices to allow that allow for them to be followed by GPS Satellite, allowing the rehabilitation centre to track its movements remotely allowing them to see its movements. These devices also require monthly service fees which allows the team to download the GPS Co-ordinates for remote tracking. The pangolins are also fitted with a VHF unit which then allows the team to pin point their exact location. This means they can check the pangolins health, weigh them to ensure they are maintaining or gaining weight until such time that the pangolin is deemed fit to continue on alone and the devices are removed.

These devises are imperative to the successful rehabilitation of a pangolin, and are also one of the most costly parts of process and this is where you can help! We have a number of options for sponsorship all varying in cost, but all just as important as the other.

Sponsorship Option 1

Sponsorship Option 3

Sponsorship Option 4
Includes both the VHF and Satellite units

Sponsorship Option 5
Includes a receiver, antenna, cable and

carry bag.

Sponsorship Option 6

Includes tracking device set, receiver set and 6 months service fees.