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Sponsor a Pangolin Tracking Device

We have a number of sponsorship options available which range from an individual piece of tracking equipment to a full pangolin tracking kit. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.

VHF Tracking Device

R4,485 / £220

This device allows the team to pin point the pangolins exact position in real time. Enabling the team to easily locate the pangolin, so that they can monitor its health and measure its weight to ensure that it is feeding sufficiently.

GPS Tracking Device

R17,870 / £875

This unit allows the pangolin to be followed by GPS Satellite, which enables the team to track its movements remotely. This allows the pangolin do its thing without human interference, whilst the team remotely monitors its activities for signs of struggle, or poaching.

GPS & VHF Tracking Device Set

R22,355 / £1,095

In order to be monitored effectively a pangolin must be equipped with both a VHF and GPS tracking device. This enables the team to follow the pangolin remotely, and also pin point its real location for health checks.

VHF Receiver Set

R31,740 / £1,555

This set includes a VHF receiver, antenna, cable and carry bag. Everything that is needed for real time tracking of the VHF devices.  Every VHF unit emits a different frequency that this device can detect, allowing it to be tracked and found.

GPS Monthly Service Fees

R970 / £48

The ability to remotely track the animals movements requires the GPS device to be wirelessly connected to a secure network. These service fees cover the cost of using and having access to this satellite network. Without it a GPS tracking device is useless.

The Full Monty

R54,100 / £2,650

The Full Monty sponsorship includes everything that is needed to track a rehabilitated pangolin throughout its soft release program in preparation for its life back in the wild. This package is perfect for a corporate sponsor!

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