Volunteer opportunities at community based projects in South Africa

Volunteer placements at real conservation and ethical wildlife projects.

Affordable placements for volunteers to assist real non-profit community, conservation and wildlife projects.

You don't have to work in a non-profits office to help make a difference, now you can make an impact from the comfort of your own home!

SCF Volunteers supports ethical conservation & community projects in South Africa. We pride ourselves on providing affordable placements for local and international volunteers, whilst creating awareness and funding for real conservation efforts. We do the hard work for you! Investigating all volunteer projects thoroughly prior to adding them to our listings, so we can guarantee that your time and money will be spent contributing to real ethical causes that are sustainable and developed through genuine community and conservation needs to ensure that your contribution is not only a fun and exciting experience, but long lasting and meaningful.

SCF Volunteers is a proud signatory of the Blood Lions ‘Born To Live Wild’ tourism campaign and pledge. We have committed to promote and encourage Africa as an authentic, wild and responsible tourism destination and therefore do not support any breeders or facilities that offer interactive wildlife activities.  In addition, we support the conservation efforts of the recognized conservation community.

Not only by choosing to book with SCF Volunteers will you have the peace of mind that you will be joining an ethical volunteer project, but you will have the added satisfaction in knowing that your monetary contribution goes further with all sales supporting the Scales Conservation Fund!

Don't see the project you are looking for? Send us the details and let us handle the rest!

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