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Starting from R1,215 per night

If you have a passion for horses and want to experience African wildlife in a big 5 reserve, help at various outreach programs……this is the project for you!

The African Wildlife & Equestrian Experience offers you the opportunity to do just that, by experiencing the wildlife in Big 5 Game Reserves, take part in all equine activities, helping out at various outreach programs and enjoying the many sites and adventures the surrounding area has to offer on the various excursions.​


Starting from R1,831 per night

This program is the perfect starter-package into the natural wonders of the African Bush. Situated within the Greater Kruger National Park in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, you will be immersed in ‘Big 5’ country, an untamed wilderness of approximately 3.5million hectares where the animals roam freely as nature intended!


This 14-day package is the perfect setting for the adventure of a lifetime, even for the most inexperienced of travellers! A variety of activities and excursions ensure a rich experience of the area’s wildlife and natural beauty, giving you the chance to connect with local people, culture, and history. 



Starting from R857 per night

Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre provides rehabilitation indigenous for South African wildlife, so that they can be released back into the wild. As a volunteer, you’re going to get your hands dirty, but the reward, knowing you have helped rescue and rehabilitate vulnerable animals, is worth the hard work!


You will play an integral part in carrying out daily activities for the care of the animals at the centre. This could include caring for bush babies, warthogs, antelopes, caracals, porcupines, or other wildlife. The centre’s main goal is to get these animals back out into the wild where they belong. Many animals come in as ex pets, orphans or have been injured, depending on the situation will depend on the rehabilitation process the animal will go through.



Starting from R712.50 per night

The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Centre is dedicated to rehabilitating and providing sanctuary for orphaned, injured and abused vervet monkeys. The centre currently cares for over 500 monkeys and takes in many orphans each year.  Volunteers are an integral part of the team as they are assist in husbandry, feeding, building new enclosures, observations and maintaining the upkeep of the centre. 

No previous experience is necessary, just caring nature and dedication. You will be helping to rehabilitate vervet monkeys into viable troops for release into protected reserves, integrating them back into their natural environment.

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Cetacean biologist Danielle Conry collecting photo-ID data on bottlenose dolphins during h


The Coastal Conservation Project offers volunteers the unique and exciting opportunity to get behind the scenes and involved with the conservation efforts. This is the perfect program, if you are looking for a meaningful travel opportunity abroad that – together with like-minded people from all over the world – puts your passion for nature, environment and wildlife to good use, trying to make a difference.

With a team of passionate conservationists working tirelessly to save endangered and threatened wild and marine life from extinction. Volunteers will take part in short and long-term projects which are intended to create sustainability for generations to come. Tasks may vary from physical work to interesting and interactive lecture-based content.

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Starting from R850 per night

The Marine Conservation Project offers a unique learning experience for volunteers who are passionate about the marine environment. As part of the comprehensive volunteer programme, you will regularly receive the opportunity to assist the research team and obtain hands-on participatory experience in boat-based and land-based fieldwork, as well as marine mammal stranding response and necropsy. 

Combining research, conservation and education into its comprehensive volunteer programme. The project strongly depends on the willingness of volunteers to contribute their time and dedication to help further their work, allowing you to make a valuable contribution to increased knowledge and awareness regarding local conservation efforts.

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Starting from R850 per night