Action Cricket is an exciting team game that last for approximately 70 minutes. It combines fun, fitness and competition, and its simplicity allows people of all ages to play: men women, young old, or cricketers, non-cricketers.

The Game involves the basic principles and skill of traditional cricket: running, batting, fielding and bowling. It is easy to join and learn how to play. Come and join a team, register in a league or just come along for the social environment. We can also take bookings for one off or regular private competitions.

Basic Game Rules


Game Format

  • A game last for 70 minutes

  • All playing equipment is provided. (Just wear something comfortable)

  • 8 players per side

  • 16 overs per game, 8 per side

  • Everyone bowls 2 over

  • Everyone bats for 4 overs

  • Each team has 35 minutes to bowl their overs, upon which the teams will change over



  • You bat in pairs and face 4 over each

  • The non-facer stands at the running crease

  • If you are out you do not leave the court, you stay at the crease and continue to bat for the full 4 overs

  • Every time you are out your team loses 5 runs from the total runs

  • When there are 2 non scoring deliveries in a row, the batters must run on the next delivery. (This is called 3rd ball)



  • Everyone has to bowl

  • An over lasts 6 balls

  • You can bowl under-arm if you prefer

  • If you bowl a wide or no-ball the ball is NOT re-bowled  the batting team is awarded 2 runs



  • There are 8 players in the fielding team

  • The field has to have 4 players in each half of the court


Dismissals/getting out

  • Caught (anywhere except off the back net when the batter hits a 6)

  • Runout

  • Bowled

  • Stumped

  • Interference

  • Mankad


Action Cricket is held every Wednesday evening from 6pm. Social games run every week so you are welcome to join anytime, even if you are not part of a regular team or available to play every week.

Action Cricket League

Throughout the Round Robin stage, teams play once a week for a period of 10 weeks followed by Quarter and semi finals. Grand finals are held on a Saturdays.

League Dates: Leagues will be held from August to October, Dates to be confirmed