After working for a non-profit organisation for the past 10 years and more recently in the past 3 years focusing on the financial obligations it entails, it became increasingly apparent that whilst funds are critical for all NPO's to do what they do best, the time available that most organisations have to dedicate towards fundraising is minimal. Whilst the larger organisations can afford to pay for these services, most conservation based NPO’s conducting critical work on the ground cannot and they are in desperate need of help and support in this regard. It is with this in mind that the Scales Conservation Fund NPC was created. Scales Conservation Fund is an organisation that is dedicated to supporting ethical conservation and wildlife projects and raising awareness about the plight of endangered species in Southern Africa.


Scales Conservation Fund is run by a small but passionate team, who support ethical conservation practices and wildlife projects by raising awareness, and offer support in sourcing donations and providing funding. SCF is a means in which to assist conservation based NPO’s in continuing their critical work through providing funding and support. SCF offers services such as preparation and submission of funding proposals, linking organisations with suitable corporate sponsors, hosting fund raising events, sourcing of sponsorship and equipment and raising awareness through social media platforms all at no cost to the beneficiaries. It is SCFs goal to make a difference to real non-profit organisations operating tirelessly to save Africa's threatened wildlife. By working together we can make a difference!

SCF Volunteers is the first of its kind! A non-profit volunteer placement agency offering affordable placements for local and international volunteers, whilst creating awareness and funding for real conservation efforts. We do the hard work for you! SCF Volunteers investigates all volunteer projects thoroughly prior to adding them to our listings, so that we can guarantee your time will be spent contributing to ethical causes. In addition, not only by booking your volunteer adventure through SCF Volunteers will you have the peace of mind that you will be contributing to a real and ethical project, but you will have the added satisfaction that you will also be providing addition funding for the Scales Conservation Fund at the same time, without even lifting a finger.

Scales Conservation Fund is dedicated to supporting ethical conservation practices and wildlife organisations. It is a means in which to assist conservation based non-profit organisations in continuing their critical work through the provision of funding.

Scales Conservation Fund is supported by SCF Volunteers as well as from funds acquired through private and corporate donations, symbolic adoptions, sponsorship and eventsWith your help, SCF will be able to make an even greater difference to the non profit wildlife and conservation organisations operating tirelessly to save Africa's threatened wildlife.


How can you do this? You can Donate; either to the Scales Conservation Fund which is distributed to our beneficiaries and projects every quarter; or to a specific project or initiative with the peace of mind that your donation will reach your intended destination.


You don't just have to donate money to make a difference! There are many other ways you can donate; donate your time, hold a fundraiser, volunteer or enter a Scales Conservation Fund Event. Book your next volunteering adventure through SCF Volunteers or just by spreading the word, awareness is key!

Symbolic adoptions are a great way to support our programs and our beneficiaries. They also make fantastic gifts for birthday's, Christmas or just because...

We are dedicated to supporting ethical conservation practices and wildlife organisations.

You can donate to our Conservation Fund which supports all our beneficiaries and projects or to a specific project. The choice is yours...

Sponsorship's are a great way for you to make a big impact in a specific way, check out the sponsorship opportunities we have available.


We believe in 100% transparency when it comes to our financial records and to prove it, we supply all of our financial reports here...